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A good watch suddenly breaks down, and you don’t know why?

People who don’t actually know much about watches make up the majority of the people who wear them. Many people’s watches are suddenly broken without any signs, which makes many people suddenly, broken, then take to repair, the watch repair master said where where bad, their own do not know much, just know that can be fixed, but also did not reflect on their usual wearing time, what causes the watch is broken.

If you don’t want your watch to suddenly break, do fewer of these things.

I. Wearing a watch even in the shower.

We all know that watches are afraid of water, so we have bought watches with water resistance factor, 30 meters or 50 meters is the water resistance factor for daily wear, do you think that water resistance factor means you can touch water without fear? The water splashed on your hands doesn’t care and you don’t even take your watch off in the shower. Even if you’re wearing a diving watch that does this a lot, it doesn’t work. The water in the shower is warm and the water vapor will inadvertently enter the dial.

II. Wear it to the run.

For those who like to run, it’s not convenient to wear a watch, but it depends on how long you’ve been running, so it’s much more convenient after you buy a watch. But watches are very sophisticated things, and some of the parts inside are so small that they can’t withstand the vibrations you get when you run every day. Apart from running, you can’t play badminton or golf with a large range of motion, otherwise your watch won’t break down one day.

  1. Too much love for watches

Wouldn’t some say that watches are supposed to be loved? But there are many people, the watch accidentally has a fine scratch will have to go to the maintenance, to the maintenance master side after the maintenance is really no defect, but your watch mirror is thinning. If you want to remove scratches, a lot of them are made by smoothing out the mirror outside the scratches, and the watch becomes thinner and more prone to breakage.

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