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The difference between a celebrity watch and a niche watch is that the points are correct.

Everyone wears a watch too, some will choose a brand name watch, some will choose a niche watch. Some people say that the quality and after-sales of the brand name watches are guaranteed, and the design and workmanship are also very textured. Some people like niche watches, like its more characteristic design and low price, is the choice of many shy people, so what is the difference between a famous watch and a niche watch?

Since it is called a brand name, it is known to the public, at least as soon as we talk about this brand, everyone knows her class. A niche watch is not so well known and may be known to a small circle of people.

Branded watches are relatively more expensive, and their target audience is those with spending power, at least those who are already working, mainly middle-aged people. The target audience for niche watches is some younger people who are more in pursuit of individual fashion, but their wallets are not too drummed, will choose niche watches to add luster to their outfits.

Famous brand watches pay more attention to the selection of materials, the choice of materials is relatively expensive, the watch can highlight the sense of quality, good material watches, the life is also longer. The material chosen for the niche watch won’t be as expensive, after all the cost is here and it won’t last as long to wear.

Branded watches are available in many classic models and have been popular for a long time and will not go out of style in a short time. The niche watches have a lot of exterior design options, but they are updated quickly and often become out-of-season in a year or two.

The exterior design of famous watches can withstand criticism, many of them are from the hands of some very famous designers, such as stuhrling mechanical watches, hollow dial design, sun, moon and stars and dual time zone functions are all carefully designed and reasonably matched, so that the whole watch highlights different taste. The design of niche watches is mostly decorative, good looking but not so strong.

The difference between a brand-name watch and a niche watch, that’s about it.

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Is the feature on the watch paying an IQ tax?

Nowadays, there are more and more watches, both in terms of appearance and function, and watches have evolved from the first chronograph and calendar functions to the current chronograph, sun, moon and stars, dual time zones, etc. However, many people say that some of the functions on a watch are of little practical use, and that buying a watch with these functions is paying an IQ tax, is that really the case?

Which functions in the watch are paying the IQ tax, and it feels like every function that’s on the watch right now is either useful, or actually useful, or has the purpose of decorating the dial. If the function that has no practical use is called an IQ tax, then the whole watch is also dispensable for the society nowadays, if it is said that the purpose of wearing a watch is to see the time, now that the mobile phone is not even away from the hand, it is too easy to know the time, why do you need to wear a watch?

For people these days, it’s not so much the function of the watch that matters, it’s the accessories that matter. A lot of people buy watches because of their attractive designs, and some are bought to match their clothes and make them look more mature, stable and classy. Chances are, people who buy very expensive watches also want to show off their strengths in a low-key way.

For example, the dual time zone function on Sturling’s mechanical watches is useful for people who are often on business or travel abroad with time difference. Although it’s not very useful in practical terms, this function has a design sense and involves the sun and moon, so it’s a very stylish and romantic function that adds a lot of color to the whole watch.

So you can’t say which functions in a watch are paying an IQ tax, since they appear on the watch, they either serve a useful or decorative purpose.

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Buy a watch, your opinion is what counts.

Everyone’s requirements for choosing a watch are different, and many people buy a certain watch because someone else says it fits, so they buy it, only to find that they don’t seem to like it very much. So, take the decision to buy a watch into your own hands and at least don’t be completely receptive to other people’s opinions, because everyone is different.

Men and women choose differently.
When buying a watch, there are different aspects of the players’ watches between boys and girls, and whether it suits them or not is based on personal circumstances. Boys think a particular watch movement should be good, but girls are more likely to pay more attention to the look, after all watches are a great decoration and the design is especially important.

A girl’s choice may be a branded watch, it is most important to look good, to showcase one’s temperament and exquisite life. Men’s watches are chosen for their movements and interiors, and for their style.

Simple or complex is different.
Some people like simple watches, think that simple and simple, the workmanship is more atmospheric, and it does not take a lot of effort to match the clothes, so it is more convenient, so many people will choose quartz watches. Some people prefer watches with a sense of design, thinking that since watches are used as decorations, they should be able to reflect their personal aesthetic, so they will choose Sturling mechanical watches with a sense of design and more functions. The hollowed-out dial, the fine workmanship, the functional decoration of the sun, moon and stars, and the dual time zone function, which shows both time zones at the same time, give the watch a classy appearance.

So when buying a watch, take other people’s advice, but make the final decision on your own terms.

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I hear you’re still asking what watch quality is the best?

Many people always ask others before buying a watch, what watch quality is the best, in a certain price range, to buy a mechanical watch or a quartz watch. But I feel that each kind of watch has its own advantages and disadvantages, and I can’t say which is the best, only which is the best for me.

Quartz watches are relatively simple and atmospheric, and the dials are relatively thin. Although the style isn’t very new and the features aren’t many, there are still some differences that can be seen in the subtleties. A lot of people like this kind of simple watch, wearing it is more able and stable, and also better with clothing, this kind of depends on the material and workmanship.

Let’s talk about the mechanical models again. Mechanical watches are the most work-tested type of watches because of their complex internal construction parts and tasteful design. Like a Sturling stuhrling mechanical watch, with a skeletonized dial and mechanical parts intertwined like a precision instrument, both the dial lines and the manufacture of the internal parts, including the sun, moon and stars and the dual time zone functions, the details are well handled and relatively practical.

There are good quality watches in every category, and there is no way to say who is the best among the different categories, and which one is the best for you.

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What accessories would be good for people of different ages to wear on their hands?

People always ask what’s better for guys to wear on their hands, bracelets watches and bracelets, they all seem good. I think there are age groups and occasions for what I wear.

If you are before the age of 25, you can wear various kinds of bracelets. People in this age group are at the forefront of fashion, and they can wear various styles of clothes and rarely wear suits.

But if, after the age of 25, you’re on the road to maturity, and you’re attending work, or conferences, it’s best to wear a watch.

If you wear a watch, you can wear either a mechanical watch or a quartz watch. The important thing is the price/performance ratio, so you can learn more about stuhrling’s watches. In terms of functionality, the Sun, Moon and Stars and the Dual Time Zone feature are even more elegant, and the Dual Time Zone feature is practical for business trips abroad, showing the time in both time zones simultaneously.

Quartz watches are mostly simple and atmospheric, with relatively simple functions, and simple but not monotonous colors. It’s also better to match it with your outfit.

If you are over 40 years of age, there is another kind of watch besides wearing, that is, many people like to dispose of hand strings, until smooth and shiny, but also very accomplished, if this kind of young people wear it, it will give people a greasy feeling, if you are over 40 years of age wear it, then there is no sense of dissonance.

If you don’t know what to wear on your hands, choose these three based on your age

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A good watch suddenly breaks down, and you don’t know why?

People who don’t actually know much about watches make up the majority of the people who wear them. Many people’s watches are suddenly broken without any signs, which makes many people suddenly, broken, then take to repair, the watch repair master said where where bad, their own do not know much, just know that can be fixed, but also did not reflect on their usual wearing time, what causes the watch is broken.

If you don’t want your watch to suddenly break, do fewer of these things.

I. Wearing a watch even in the shower.

We all know that watches are afraid of water, so we have bought watches with water resistance factor, 30 meters or 50 meters is the water resistance factor for daily wear, do you think that water resistance factor means you can touch water without fear? The water splashed on your hands doesn’t care and you don’t even take your watch off in the shower. Even if you’re wearing a diving watch that does this a lot, it doesn’t work. The water in the shower is warm and the water vapor will inadvertently enter the dial.

II. Wear it to the run.

For those who like to run, it’s not convenient to wear a watch, but it depends on how long you’ve been running, so it’s much more convenient after you buy a watch. But watches are very sophisticated things, and some of the parts inside are so small that they can’t withstand the vibrations you get when you run every day. Apart from running, you can’t play badminton or golf with a large range of motion, otherwise your watch won’t break down one day.

  1. Too much love for watches

Wouldn’t some say that watches are supposed to be loved? But there are many people, the watch accidentally has a fine scratch will have to go to the maintenance, to the maintenance master side after the maintenance is really no defect, but your watch mirror is thinning. If you want to remove scratches, a lot of them are made by smoothing out the mirror outside the scratches, and the watch becomes thinner and more prone to breakage.