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Buy a watch, your opinion is what counts.

Everyone’s requirements for choosing a watch are different, and many people buy a certain watch because someone else says it fits, so they buy it, only to find that they don’t seem to like it very much. So, take the decision to buy a watch into your own hands and at least don’t be completely receptive to other people’s opinions, because everyone is different.

Men and women choose differently.
When buying a watch, there are different aspects of the players’ watches between boys and girls, and whether it suits them or not is based on personal circumstances. Boys think a particular watch movement should be good, but girls are more likely to pay more attention to the look, after all watches are a great decoration and the design is especially important.

A girl’s choice may be a branded watch, it is most important to look good, to showcase one’s temperament and exquisite life. Men’s watches are chosen for their movements and interiors, and for their style.

Simple or complex is different.
Some people like simple watches, think that simple and simple, the workmanship is more atmospheric, and it does not take a lot of effort to match the clothes, so it is more convenient, so many people will choose quartz watches. Some people prefer watches with a sense of design, thinking that since watches are used as decorations, they should be able to reflect their personal aesthetic, so they will choose Sturling mechanical watches with a sense of design and more functions. The hollowed-out dial, the fine workmanship, the functional decoration of the sun, moon and stars, and the dual time zone function, which shows both time zones at the same time, give the watch a classy appearance.

So when buying a watch, take other people’s advice, but make the final decision on your own terms.

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