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I hear you’re still asking what watch quality is the best?

Many people always ask others before buying a watch, what watch quality is the best, in a certain price range, to buy a mechanical watch or a quartz watch. But I feel that each kind of watch has its own advantages and disadvantages, and I can’t say which is the best, only which is the best for me.

Quartz watches are relatively simple and atmospheric, and the dials are relatively thin. Although the style isn’t very new and the features aren’t many, there are still some differences that can be seen in the subtleties. A lot of people like this kind of simple watch, wearing it is more able and stable, and also better with clothing, this kind of depends on the material and workmanship.

Let’s talk about the mechanical models again. Mechanical watches are the most work-tested type of watches because of their complex internal construction parts and tasteful design. Like a Sturling stuhrling mechanical watch, with a skeletonized dial and mechanical parts intertwined like a precision instrument, both the dial lines and the manufacture of the internal parts, including the sun, moon and stars and the dual time zone functions, the details are well handled and relatively practical.

There are good quality watches in every category, and there is no way to say who is the best among the different categories, and which one is the best for you.

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