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Is the feature on the watch paying an IQ tax?

Nowadays, there are more and more watches, both in terms of appearance and function, and watches have evolved from the first chronograph and calendar functions to the current chronograph, sun, moon and stars, dual time zones, etc. However, many people say that some of the functions on a watch are of little practical use, and that buying a watch with these functions is paying an IQ tax, is that really the case?

Which functions in the watch are paying the IQ tax, and it feels like every function that’s on the watch right now is either useful, or actually useful, or has the purpose of decorating the dial. If the function that has no practical use is called an IQ tax, then the whole watch is also dispensable for the society nowadays, if it is said that the purpose of wearing a watch is to see the time, now that the mobile phone is not even away from the hand, it is too easy to know the time, why do you need to wear a watch?

For people these days, it’s not so much the function of the watch that matters, it’s the accessories that matter. A lot of people buy watches because of their attractive designs, and some are bought to match their clothes and make them look more mature, stable and classy. Chances are, people who buy very expensive watches also want to show off their strengths in a low-key way.

For example, the dual time zone function on Sturling’s mechanical watches is useful for people who are often on business or travel abroad with time difference. Although it’s not very useful in practical terms, this function has a design sense and involves the sun and moon, so it’s a very stylish and romantic function that adds a lot of color to the whole watch.

So you can’t say which functions in a watch are paying an IQ tax, since they appear on the watch, they either serve a useful or decorative purpose.

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