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The difference between a celebrity watch and a niche watch is that the points are correct.

Everyone wears a watch too, some will choose a brand name watch, some will choose a niche watch. Some people say that the quality and after-sales of the brand name watches are guaranteed, and the design and workmanship are also very textured. Some people like niche watches, like its more characteristic design and low price, is the choice of many shy people, so what is the difference between a famous watch and a niche watch?

Since it is called a brand name, it is known to the public, at least as soon as we talk about this brand, everyone knows her class. A niche watch is not so well known and may be known to a small circle of people.

Branded watches are relatively more expensive, and their target audience is those with spending power, at least those who are already working, mainly middle-aged people. The target audience for niche watches is some younger people who are more in pursuit of individual fashion, but their wallets are not too drummed, will choose niche watches to add luster to their outfits.

Famous brand watches pay more attention to the selection of materials, the choice of materials is relatively expensive, the watch can highlight the sense of quality, good material watches, the life is also longer. The material chosen for the niche watch won’t be as expensive, after all the cost is here and it won’t last as long to wear.

Branded watches are available in many classic models and have been popular for a long time and will not go out of style in a short time. The niche watches have a lot of exterior design options, but they are updated quickly and often become out-of-season in a year or two.

The exterior design of famous watches can withstand criticism, many of them are from the hands of some very famous designers, such as stuhrling mechanical watches, hollow dial design, sun, moon and stars and dual time zone functions are all carefully designed and reasonably matched, so that the whole watch highlights different taste. The design of niche watches is mostly decorative, good looking but not so strong.

The difference between a brand-name watch and a niche watch, that’s about it.

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